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Our advisory is based on our extensive experience in this industry.  However, we realize that we do not know everything, that is why we have partners/friendly nodes.

We are looking for strong teams with disruptive yet realistic ideas looking who are willing to dedicate themselves to their projects long-term (3-5 years).

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Token offering project management

STO Structure and Process Management

Token offering is a complex and multi-dimensional endeavour which can seem daunting.  We'll walk you through every step.

Token Model

Token model is the heart of every STO project.  Doing it right is essential for the success of your offering.

Whitepaper Review

It's your business plan, investment prospectus &  Urbi et Orbi  rolled in one.  You have only one chance to make a first impression, we'll make sure that it's going to be a lasting one

Business Plan Review

As this industry is becoming more professional, having a business plan in addition to the whitepaper is becoming more mainstream.  This can also help with institutional investors.

Smart Contracts Development

We'll consult you on the best practices of ERC20 token smart contracts.

STO Marketing & Investor Relations

STO Marketing Strategy

You have a brilliant idea, now you have to sell it.  We'll design the game winning plan for you.

Social Media Management

Social media plays an essential role in any STO campaign.  It's all about getting the right message out through right channels.

Community Management

Building a relationship of trust with your community is a must.  

Roadshow Strategy

There is a plethora of crypto conferences around the world, but only a few are worth your time and money.

Preparation for Pitching & Investor Meetings

We know what crypto investors are looking for and we'll make sure that you do too.

Financial Plan Review

Presenting a well thought-out financial plan to investors will increase your chance for success.

Legal & Compliance

Selection of Legal Jurisdiction

Legal frameworks for token offerings vary greatly around the world.  Right jurisdiction will imbue investors with trust and help avoid future litigations.


We'll help you set up token issuing entity in a crypto friendly country.

Whitepaper Review

Your whitepaper must sell your project to the community, but not oversell it...

Token Structure

Utility, security, both?  Reg A, D, S...  We'll decipher this mumbo-jumbo and advise you on the best current practices.

Post STO Support

Exchange Listing

We'll help you get listed on top crypto exchanges around the world.  

Market Making Strategy

Now that your token is listed, it needs support.

Business Development

STO is a major undertaking.  Congratulations!  But it's only a beginning; now is the time to build.

Blockchain Advisory

Blockchain Implementation Consulting

Is your company ready to adopt this technology?  Will it take your business to the new heights?  Or will you just waste time & money implementing it?  We'll separate the wheat from the chaff.

Tokenizing Existing Business Model

By tokenizing your existing business model you could gain efficiencies by reducing friction & transactional costs.

Security Token Offering for Sustainable Business

Your business needs additional funds for expansion & growth, an STO could be a more efficient fundraising option.